3 Reasons Why Network Marketing is Better Than a Job

Network marketing is a business practice that utilizes a group of independent sellers to market products and services for a company. This practice also allows the independent sellers to recruit their own private group of workers to market and sell products underneath them. People who can successfully perform this business model will be able to generate a permanent income stream as long as their market force stays operational and committed to this process. 


Network marketing is not viewed as a normal method for most people to earn a living. However, this notion about this business practice is changing. While it is true that the average person must work to live; network marketing is now being considered a more valid alternative to traditional employment. Here are 3 reasons why network marketing is better than a job. 

1. Network Marketing is a Guaranteed form of Income 


Network marketing will not always make a person rich but it will put money into their pocket. No one should fool themselves; network marketing requires people to work. If a person has a group of sellers underneath them; they must continuously motivate and reward their workers to keep making sales. 


Once again, a network marketer’s income primarily depends on the people who are working under their tier. The main thing to remember is that once a network is consistently stable and the money starts coming in; a network can literally create residual income for many years into the future. 


2. Network Marketing does not Limit a Person’s Income Potential 


People who are involved within network marketing can literally make billions of dollars if they can sell enough of the right product. While it is true that most people will not make that kind of money, the point is that a network marketer’s income potential is solely determined by the individuals working the network. 


Keep in mind that the product or service which is being sold, will also impact how much money a person can make. If a network marketer sells a high end service, then they could literally make a lot more money than a network marketer selling pots and pans. So, selecting the right type of service or product is just as important as having the right type of people doing the job. 


3. Network Marketing is Better than Job Security 


One of the best things about network marketing is that it allows people to have security. In other words, a network marketer is not limited by the people that is over them. They can invariably do things that would get the average person at a business or company fired. However, most people do not do things that will harm their business when they have to literally hustle for every dollar that they make. 


The bottom line is that network marketers can continuously earn an income even if they are continuously late, get into many confrontations with their customers and provide poor customer service. While these are not desirable qualities for any type of person in business to have; a network marketer will not have to worry about getting fired or losing their job because of these things. 


Also, a network marketer will not have to worry about getting laid off from work or being replaced by someone who is more talented, faster, productive, smarter and cheaper to hire. In the end, network marketing is a great way for people to generate an income without being restricted by traditional employment practices.