3 Reasons Your Facebook Ads May Stop Running

Facebook is a major relied upon marketing platform by business owners. This is because it has a billion people who could be potential customers to your business. However, Facebook can sometimes be imperfect. If you have spent any time creating advertisements in Power Editor then chances are you may have experienced some annoying glitches. So here is a look at 3 reasons why your Facebook ads may stop running. 

1. Narrow Targeting 

Although Facebook has over a billion monthly active users and it is easy to acquire an audience, sufficiently narrow targeting can cause your advertisements to stop running. This normally leaves your effective audience at zero. If your audience don’t sign on then it means there won’t be users to be shown that advertising. This means your adverts won’t run. 

2. The Bid Wars 

It is important to understand that Facebook ads are PPC. So the more you pay the more clicks you’ll get. There is of course a wide range of factors that determines this. For instance, a targeting you use, from demographic to keyword will affect cost of a given click. You fix a maximum bid each time you set Facebook ads. So when Facebook cannot find anyone within your targeting that matches your budget then you will experience situations whereby your advert says its delivering while no one can see it. 

3. The Off Switch 

Sometimes an ad will tell you it’s delivering. However, that’s only a status message for when your ad is turned on. If your campaign switch is turned off but your adverts are turned on, they will still read as on. You have three options to stop ads. You can manually turn off all of them, delete them or just turn off your campaign. However, the latter option leads to cases where at the advert level and ad set level, it looks like your ads are still live. So the off switch could be why your ads are not running.