7 Cities You Must Visit Before You Die

Traveling and visiting different cities all over the world is on pretty much everyone’s bucket list. Whether you’re the type that likes to tour the city and explore all it has to offer or you’d rather sit back, relax, and enjoy time alone, the cities listed below are sure to please. Here are the 7 cities that you absolutely must visit before you die.

7. Seattle Washington, USA

When you hear Seattle, the first thing that comes to mind is The Seahawks, the Space Needle, and Microsoft. Nicknamed “Emerald City” because of all its green, Seattle is a mix of Los Angeles, New York, and Alaska all in one. Home of the original Starbucks, Seattle is every coffee lover’s dream. You can get your caffeine fix and a delicious pastry on every corner. Outdoorsman love hiking Mount Rainier and Mount St. Helen’s National Parks. Seattle is a very interesting place. It’s a small city, with a big-city feel, and attracts many different people throughout the world.

6. Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok was voted the number one tourist destination in 2016, so it goes without saying everyone should visit once in their lifetime. Thailand is known as the “Land Of Smiles,” because of how friendly the Thai people are. Bangkok is well known for its nearby beaches, happening nightlife, and amazing food that you can get 24 hours a day. Bangkok is incredibly cheap to those used to United States prices. You can get a bottle of water for 10 cents USD. It’s easy for a middle-income person back in the U.S. to live like P. Diddy over in Bangkok!

5. Santorini, Greece

Santorini is a beautiful Greek island in Greece. Santorini is such a beautiful, magical place that’s been attracting tourists since the beginning of time. The food, the sunsets, and the uniquely, overpriced shops are what make the city unlike any other. The water in Santorini is crystal clear and the white buildings topped with half-spheres glisten in the sunlight. People enjoy walking along the black sand beaches or just relaxing taking in the charm of quaint little villages.

4. Rome, Italy

The city of Rome is oozing with history, from the Roman Empire and Catholic Church to the Marcello Theater. If you are a hopeless romantic and want to enjoy carefree days and sightsee hand in hand, then you must experience the city of Rome, Italy. Rome’s cuisine is quite like no other, from the delicious pasta to the succulent oxtail stew, your taste buds will be overflowing with satisfaction. Rome is a must visit in your lifetime. You will fall in love with the city and its rich history.

3. London, UK

London is one of those most diverse cities on Earth, with over 300 different languages being spoken there. The food in London is delicious; from restaurants to street markets, you’re sure to find something you’ll love. Since London is home to more green space than any other city in the world, parks are very popular in the city. London is a very magical place and has been called the “Real Magic Kingdom” for adults. There are castles, forts, and beautiful train rides. The city is real and full of so much history.

2. Dubai, UAE

Dubai is the most charming city in the world filled with amazing attractions and things to do. The city literally sprout up from the desert some twenty years ago, and the whole city has that start up mentality the way things always happen so quickly. From the 5-star hotels and mega malls to the delicious food scene, Dubai is an amazing experience like no other. The views are gorgeous, whether you’re downtown looking up at the Burj Khalifa (the world’s tallest man made building) or at the Marina, you’re never not near the stunning skyline that Dubai is known for.

1. New York, NY, USA

There is nothing quite like New York, also known as the Big Apple. The city is full of inspiring, smart, creative individuals, and it’s the city where dreams are made and anything is possible. New York is home to the United States’ most popular sights, such as The Empire State Building, The Statue Of Liberty, and Central Park. The best in fashion, music, and art are all on display in New York City. You must visit the city once in your life, but even one visit isn’t enough to see what the city is all about! Filled with amazing food, huge skyscrapers, and unmatched beauty, it’s no wonder that New York is number one on our list!