Blogging vs Writing A Book – Which Should You Choose?

As a writer you are interested in offering your expertise in certain topics to the public but you wonder if you should focus on blogging or turning your expertise into a full blown book. Book publishing and blogging have advantages and disadvantages. When you publish a book there is the benefit of your work existing for years to come thanks to multiple copies that might be published. With blogging, however, this is not always the case. Your computer could experience a crash or virus, and you lose your blog posts. Here is a comparison of book writing vs blogging

Books Lend Themselves Better to Deep Topics 

While you can explore in-depth topics on blogs, there is something about reading about complex topics in a book. When writing a book you will have to gather credible and established sources and refer to them within your work. In addition, you don’t really have a limit on the number of chapters you can write in order to explore these topics. With a blog post, you have to write about the topic in such a way that readers will get the main highlights since Web readers often skim through long articles. 

Blogging Works Well for Busy Writers 

On the other hand, blogging offers something beneficial for writers with busy lives. Not all writers have the resources or time to write a great book, and by blogging they can still nurture their talents while possibly earning revenue through monetization. 

Book Writing Comes With Established Standards 

One advantage of book writing is that it comes with industry standards that promote integrity among the writers, editors and publishers. MLA and APA are just some of the style guides that give writers a framework to base their work on, and to ensure that is is of high quality to readers. Blogs don’t always have this standard although larger online media companies do have guidelines for their bloggers. 

Blogging is Laid Back and Fun 

There is nothing stuffy and dull about writing blogs. Millions of people blog because they can focus on niche topics that are fun and that they enjoy writing about. If you’re writing a book, you might like the topic you’re writing about but over time the process gets mundane and frustrating. This leads to discouragement and even boredom. 

Book Writing Offers Long Term Gratification 

When you overcame the difficulties of writing that first book and now see copies of it in the stores and online, there is this long term gratification that you don’t always feel after writing your blog posts. Perhaps this is because the process of getting your thoughts from the brain to the printing press is a challenge. 

In conclusion, there are excellent reasons to blog and write a book. When deciding on which outlet to use, think about the topic you’ll cover, any time constraints you might have, and whether you’re willing to go through the arduous process of getting a book published. Both outlets can help you reach your audience effectively.