Evan Luthra – The Guy That Started Making Millions As a Kid


Financial freedom is way more than having money. It is the freedom to be who you truly are and do what you genuinely want in life. Although financial freedom is not quite easy to come about, that is not the case of a 20-year-old entrepreneur, Evan Luthra. Evan Luthra is a successful entrepreneur whose name is gradually ringing bells across the globe. He has that rare and coveted ability to transform original ideas into businesses that are profitable and innovative.

Born and raised in India, he was determined and always a step ahead of everyone all through his school life. Although he is a celebrated entrepreneur, his achievement does not just come overnight. Rather, it came through hard work. After watching his father suffer failure before he found success, Luthra was able to see firsthand what it takes to succeed at a young age. As a matter of fact, his father’s failures are what is responsible for kickstarting his success in the technology industry. Since he was 12, his parents gave him access to the best resources when it comes to the internet. And as a self-made millionaire, he attributes his success to the growth of technology.  

“Life has and always will be about winning for me”, he said in one of his interviews. Evan Luthra set out on an entrepreneurial path that has taken him to financial freedom independence right from age 20. In order for him to build his network globally, he attends exclusive events around the globe packed with the most powerful people – presidents, chairmen of Ivy League universities, billionaires and celebrities. In places like these, what he always do to get noticed is to offer something that others want.  A few of his products are Wiwigo.com, LetsMingyl.com, Givvr.com and others. 

Evan Luthra has built many apps and has also giving entrepreneurial talks at Google, Blackberry, Nielsen, TEDx and other corporations and universities. He owns ELgroups, and is also part of board of trustees for many businesses.

Lesson to learn from Evan Luthra

Never be afraid of failure. You cannot really appreciate success unless you understand how it grew from failures. Rather than worry about failure, consider what you are missing out by not even trying!