Gerardo Ibarra Review – Is He Legit?

If you’ve been wanting to know if Gerardo Ibarra is legit or not, then look no more. This review of the guy will tell you just how legit he is. 

Gerardo Ibarra is a guy that’s been legit for many years. He’s been involved in a few companies over the past 3 – 4 years, but his bread and butter MCA has always been his #1 powerhouse. He’s also been spotted doing a little trading in the past, but as we all know MCA is a company that’s hard to steer away from because of it’s powerful & fast pay structure. Gerardo is the founder of team 6 figures which he formed years ago & has built that team up into the thousands! If you’re looking for a hard working consistent parter, this guy is someone who will out work most marketers you see online.