How To Become Youtube Famous In 12 Months Or Less

Youtube — The number one source for video content in the world. Unlike TV, Youtube focuses on user generated content, meaning anyone can upload a video to Youtube and make it available to the entire world. This is what makes Youtube so powerful. Today, everyone who’s anyone has a Youtube channel, from artists posting their music videos to regular parents and their children posting toy reviews. However, just because one has a Youtube channel, doesn’t exactly mean that they’re popular or getting any views. What exactly does it take to become popular on Youtube? How do they do it? Below explains how to become Youtube famous in 12 months or less.

Create a Youtube channel & fix it up!

The first step is creating your Youtube account. After that’s done, you will want to make it look nice. People respond better to things that are attractive. Start by uploading some channel art, writing a short description, and connecting your social media profiles.

Be consistent with creating content.

Your content is what is going to make people come to your channel. You’ve got to create original, interesting content that is unique to your own individual personality. People want to see and know who YOU are. Once you know what type of videos you’re going to put out, you have to make sure you’re consistent with uploading. When you’re first starting out, you need to be on point with creating and uploading content. In order to keep people coming back for more, you want to always have fresh, new content.

Create video responses or parodies.

Take a video from an already famous Youtuber and do a video response or put your own funky twist on it in a parody of some sort. This is a great way to piggy back off of other’s success. When doing this, though, make sure to include the Youtuber in the title of your video to give credit and also to allow people to find it.

Start gaining subscribers and interacting with them.

Once you’ve done the few things mentioned above, you should start to gain a few subscribers here and there, if not a boat load. Now is when you want to take advantage of you starting to grow and catapult that. Start interacting with your subscribers. If someone comments on one of your videos, respond to them. Subscribe to similar Youtube channels and show love. Most likely, they will return the favor. Be friendly and interact as much as possible.

Be relevant to current events.

A great way to get your channel and videos noticed, is by riding a current wave or being relevant to current events. What’s going on in the news? What’s new┬áin pop culture? What is everyone talking about on Facebook & Twitter? Use these topics to your advantage. Stay in the know! Make Youtube videos centered around current events and upload your videos fast enough, within a day or two of the event being talked about. Who knows, you could be the next viral sensation?

Create interesting thumbnails.

Youtube thumbnails are the first thing someone sees, which usually decides whether or not they will click on and view the video. Create attractive, high quality thumbnails. Make sure the thumbnail is clear and is relevant to your content.

Upgrade your camera and/or editing software.

Starting out, not everyone can afford to have the best camera or editing software. However, if you are serious about becoming Youtube famous, then saving up for a good camera and nice editing software should be high on your priority list. You need to invest in your channel in order to reap the rewards and investing in a camera that will produce high quality HD photos and video is a must!

Collaborate with other Youtubers.

Reach out to other Youtube channels similar to your own and pitch them an idea. Who knows, they may be interested in doing some sort of collaboration with you. If their channel has more subscribers than yours, this is a great way for you to benefit from the two of you coming together and creating awesome content.

Be patient.

Lastly, you must be patient. Nothing worth having comes easy. If you really want to become Youtube famous, it’s not going to happen overnight. If you follow the steps listed above, however, you will be so much more closer to that end goal. You cannot get discouraged if you don’t see the results you’re looking for right away. It takes time. It’s not realistic to think you’re going to become an overnight success. With a little hard work, patience, and consistency, you will become Youtube famous, don’t give up, just wait on it!