Reasons Why Blogging is Important to Education

A blog is basically a communication tool, and the act of blogging can be an exciting experience in education if done correctly. Online education blogs are growing very rapidly and there seems not to be an end to it in sight. A primary reason for the explosive blog’s growth and blogging is the flexibility and easily adaptive nature of this communication media. Blogging in an academic environment delivers a number of benefits. Some of these several benefits are:

Increased exposure to quality content:

As students apply those skills they have learnt in the class to writing a post, the probability that they will come across scholarly material increases. When assigned a topic to discuss, a student will most likely search for information that backs up their viewpoint. They may find content materials from many different sources and, by way of trial and error, learn the variation between authoritative and non-authoritative sources.

Promotes Analytical and Logical reasoning

Blogging offers students a good chance to exhibit their logical thinking abilities and to also use language and writing concepts that indicate analytical thought and understanding. It also offers students a platform, where innovative risks can be taken. As students are offered writing projects for blog posts, they will certainly understand the advantages of scheduling, commitment as well as planning while they attempt to meet due dates and keep to the topic.

Administrative and Teaching Importance

The importance of blogging to education can also extend to the teaching and administrative aspects of how a class operates. Blogging benefits students by offering supplemental support for the managerial affairs of a classroom. Apart from the official written correspondence between parents, students, and teachers, a blog can serve as a central location that contains educational materials relevant to a class. Teachers can also use a blog to publish instructional materials that the students can access and make comments.

Additionally, educational blogging:

  • Highly motivates students, especially those who otherwise are not participating in classrooms
  • Has excellent opportunities for students to read and write
  • Has powerful tools to allow mentoring to occur; and also an
  • Effective forum for discussion and collaboration.

Conclusively, blogging is a helpful educational tool that if properly implemented, can be utilized together with the course specifications or as an additional credit endeavor to help students achieve greater success.