Young Scott Delong Made $100M Selling Viral Nova

All You Want to Know about Scott DeLong

Companies are sold for billions of dollars without making revenue in the startup culture of today. On the other hand, there are companies like Viral Nova, whose founder Scott DeLonghas made millions in mere 8 months of his startup. by Scott DeLong happens to be a media company that uses compelling content from entire internet and traffic is generated with the help of social media and utilizing extremely unique and catchy headlines. The site is making money via cheap ad networks like Google Adsense. Viral Nova drew 10 million visitors last month!

Scott DeLong was born in Uhrichsville, Ohio and lived with his stepfather, a truck driver and mother, a homemaker. His father was a part-time Christian pastor who owned a carwash and Laundromat and worked at a steel mill.

DeLong graduated from Kent State university in 2004 and got a job at a marketing agency, Karcher Group and DeLong had to do SEO for local manufactures. As the job didn’t pay well, he quit. While browsing during summers of 2005, he came across a for-sale listing for a site that earned $30,000 a month collecting amateur videos from around the web.

Few weeks later, Nothing Toxic, a video blooper site, was launched by Scott DeLong. DeLong rummaged the internet for jaw dropping car wrecks and skateboarding accident footages. He also paid other webmasters to boost his initial traffic for placing his site links on theirs. By 2005 December, Nothing Toxic was earning $8,000 in Google ad money a month. Sometimes later he sold 80% of it to a Russian company and then the complete site to Break Media LA for roughly $800,000.

Scott DeLong launched a bunch of Web companies. Until Facebook came along did trafficking in outré decorations for Myspace pages. 2010 brought by Scott DeLong which was designed to lure devout Christians with inspirational videos gained from YouTube. A GodVine page was also set up and Facebook ad to target Christian members were bough as well. 5-6 videos were posted by DeLong on GodVine that were then added to the Facebook page.  The links were then distributed themselves to those who had previously liked GodVine brand. After two years, Scott DeLong sold GodVine to Salem Communications for 4.2 million and nobody even knew that Scott DeLong owned it!

In May 2013 Viral Nova was launched. Due to DeLong’s remarkable manipulation of Facebook and incredible curatorial instinct, Viral Nova is booming as the largest social network audience accounts for 90% of its audience.  Viral Nova attracts more visitors each month than BBC, VH1 etc. Viral Nova earns several hundred thousand dollars per month in ad revenue.

Viral Nova has emerged as one of the defining media companies of today. It aggregates trending pictures and stories around the world reaching 6.6 million monthly US visitors. With the help three remote freelancers, DeLong works from his office.

No information is available on the site about who runs the site. He never attaches his name to anything published by him. All Scott DeLong wants is for people to recognize and know his brand rather than personal recognition.